Attendance and Behaviour

Roll marking by day or by period can be done from individual classrooms through the PCSchool 'Spider' Web interface. Ability to review and modify absences for each day/period over a specified date range. More


PCSchool incorporates an early notification and general messaging system that uses innovative technology to communicate with students, parents and staff. More

Curriculum / Timetable

PCSchool realises that each school is different. The unique structure enables total control of the screen and report formats providing an intuitive interface readily understood and used by staff. More

Document Management

PCSchool Document Management enables schools to digitally store and access student, family, staff and creditor related documents. More

Asset Register

  • Fully integrated withe the General Ledger and Creditors.
  • No more ledger journals.
  • Includes a maintenance scheduler to ensure timely maintenance of critical assets.



  • Fully automated electronic processing of payments and email of Pay Advices.
  • Automated entry into Asset Register.



  • Fully automated fee collection based on information stored in other modules, such as Subject Billing and Split Family arrangements.
  • Fully automated electronic fee collection and receipting via Direct Debits, Credit Card and BPay.


General Ledger

  • A multi entity environment storing figures for a two year period.
  • Always remain current.


Alumni (Past Pupils) Portal

  • Signup for Newsletters / Updates.
  • Review / Update Contact and Career Information.
  • Document Management


Calendar Control

Events from single class excursions or assessment due dates to whole school sports carnival can be added to the school calendar by staff. More

Interview Scheduler

Our integrated interview scheduler allows parents to book interview time slots with their students teachers online. More

Parent Payment Portal

Through the PCSchool Web Application – 'Spider' – caregivers can now pay school fees and sundry fees via a secure payment portal. More


The Carnival Module is ideally suited to schools that are running inter-house or inter-school Sports Carnivals. The Carnival Module stores event descriptions along with the timing of the event and any record details associated with the event. Carnival will accept entry of nominations and allow you to print checklists. More


Monitoring student activities and sporting achievements enabling list production and summation to produce certificates. More


Educational Institutions are seen as a centre piece of the community with relationships in every area being developed. To assist the college in managing these relationships PCSchool has developed the foundation module. More

Incident Tracker

The Incident Tracker can be used for various incidents, almost anything that involves 'Identities'.The use of it is individual to each school and it can be set up to suit your own requirements. More


PCSchool School Administration Software offers the unique opportunity to connect all facets of school management, Attendance, Curriculum,
General Ledger, with inbuilt Budgeting and Flexible reporting, including GST and BAS; Accounts Receivable and Payable; Payroll, with inbuilt Leave Accrual and Award Pay Tables; Assets and Maintenance scheduling; Point of Sale, including Duty of Care provisions for tuck-shop; Foundation.
Absence, Personal and Professional Development, Curriculum, Library, and much more ensure PCSchool is the most comprehensive package available. Single point Data Entry and Trustworthy Data, through PCSchool will provide your solution to increased efficiency.
The directors of PCSchool have over 50 years collective experience as Schools Administrators. This "coal face" background has resulted in a package that not only addresses the big picture but one that is very intuitive where it really counts.

Pc School App



Access Subjects, Attendance, Assessment, Calendar

2 way notifications

Branded for your school

GateKeeper App

  • Visitors

    Sign in/out , Image capture

  • Regular visitor

    No fuss entry

  • Staff

    Relief sign in/out Stepping out/back

  • Classroom entry

    Roll marking

  • Activity centre

    Sign in/out

  • Boarders

    Sign in/out

PCSchool NEW Child Safety App!

I LOVE this app! What a sensational idea, it will negate the need for sending an SMS when arrival times change. Brilliant….PC School!


We are excited to announce that FACTS and PCSchool have formalised a partnership. PCSchool will work with FACTS to provide an integrated "best in class" debt management system for their portal.

1st April 2017

JOHN HATTIE, internationally recognised expert in education, said of Selwyn College recently, "The most remarkable turnaround of any school I've seen in the past five years"

22nd Aug 2017

PC School


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