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We are only a small school do you have support packages to suit our needs?
es our support packages can be tailored to accommodate a variety of situations and is calculated based on the modules used, size of school and support level required.
How long has PCSchool been operating?
PCSchool has been established since 1986 with the very first edition operating in DOS. Our customer base spans across Australia and New Zealand. Many of which have been supporters of PCSchool since its inception.
At login to PCSchool you are advised that the user account has been locked, and you are denied access.
Solution: This is a result of 3 consecutive failed login attempts. You will need to consult your system administrator to have the lock removed.
Running PCSchool and I get "Access Denied" error.
Solution: This is a system security message indicating that you do not have security clearance to run this item. Consult with system administrator re provision of adequate security permissions.
I can see pictures within PCSchool but I am unable to print Student images on reports designed to print the pictures.
Solution: The images.ini file, located in the data folder, is not pointing to the correct location for the pictures. It need to be set up as follows (inc back slash at end of path):