Privacy Policy

PCSchool Privacy Policy

This statement outlines the privacy policy of PCSchool a subsidiary of Facts Management Aust. Pty. Ltd.  It explains, as pertains specifically to PCSchool, Student Information System, the following:

  • What personal information of yours is being collected
  • With whom the information may be shared
  • What confidentiality procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under the company’s control
  • How the information is used
  • PCSchool’s software Compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles

What personal information is collected?

PCSchool gathers information voluntarily provided by you both in written form and electronic form via the Website or email.

Sharing information

  • Unless permission is granted to PCSchool, no disclosure of any individual’s or organisation information will be made available.
  • Initial sales and support requests via email, web site or telephone are passed on to the appropriate personnel.
  • From time to time it may be necessary for PCSchool to access a client’s PCSchool web portal. PCSchool warrants the non disclosure of any staff, student, family or financial information available through that portal.
  • From time to time, and only with the express permission of the school, PCSchool may seek to use a school’s PCSchool portal by way of demonstration. Under these circumstances express permission must be gained and content of the demonstration will be of a general nature ensuring that no sensitive or personal data will be exposed.

Client Confidentiality

All information about PCSchool clients is strictly confidential and not released to anyone outside of PCSchool and our direct business partners for any purpose, other than pertaining to servicing our customer base, unless permission is granted. PCSchool manage client information in the following ways:

  • All client files received are stored in a secure folder on our network and are deleted upon completion of work.
  • Under no circumstances is any paper relating to a client’s data, data files taken from the premises of PCSchool other than to the client site.
  • All paper material containing any client information is destroyed in a secure manner.

How the information is used

We use this information to:

  • Provide client sales and support to you and your organisation
  • Inform you and your organisation via post and email of updates, and events

PCSchool Software Compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles

The PCSchool software suite complies with the guidelines (March 2014) specified in the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 in that the information stored within PCSchool :

  •  is accurate subject to due diligence on the part of the organisation utilising the software. It is regularly updated through the normal business process and as such is a trusted source of that information.
  • is solely for the purpose of education and the business requirements associated with that endeavour and as such is relevant to the task for which the business is operated.
  • is sensitive to the request of the individual in areas such as:
    • photo publication privacy
    • publication of contact details in organisational publications
  • is secured  either within the local organisational network, or on the cloud.  Transport of information across the web is via https and as such is protected by the securities provided by this standard.
  • is protected at rest subject to the security protocols implemented by the host organisation using the software. This protection, where locally hosted falls outside the scope of PCSchools assurances,  and is therefore reliant on the schools:
    • internal ICT security
    • access security protocols
    • physical security
    • internal practices and systems
    • school governance and training in these areas
  • is protected by a granular user security platform embedded within the software. This security setup is subject to satisfactory allocation of securities by the school itself. Users will be restricted to access data based on the securities they have been provided within the organisation. Where appropriate internal embedded and default securities ensure that information  appropriate to a teacher or officer of the organisation is not by default made available to caregivers or students, and that information made available to caregivers or students is confined to that individual and non shareable with other caregivers or students.
  • where particularly sensitive, eg medical, guidance, financial details, and secure comments that this data is stored in an encrypted format so that it will only be available via the PCSchool interface and as such is protected from any breach of access directly to the database files.
  • where stored on the cloud, or hosted locally, is subject to permanent removal and deletion as directed by the school utilising that software.