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2018 End of Year Newsletter


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10th December 2018

2018 End of Year Newsletter

Help Desk Office Hours Over Christmas

Help Desk will close at 5pm (Qld time) on Friday 21st December 2018

and reopen at 6am (Qld time) on Monday 7th January 2019 email address will be monitored periodically over this time for urgent issues

We would like to thank you for your continued support of PCSchool and its family. We wish you all a very relaxing, peaceful and safe Christmas break. We trust that you will enjoy the time with your family and friends and we look forward to sharing the successes that 2019 will bring.

End of Year Manuals
Please ensure you read the end of year manuals carefully (links provided below), however the PCSchool Help Desk is always ready to assist you.

Instructions on the recommended End of Year procedures for each module can be found on the PCSchool website. It is crucial that you download and read through these each year as the process may differ from last year due to program changes.

For end of Year Manuals visit:


You Can Never Have Too Many Backups!
Before proceeding to rollover any module make sure you have a backup. 

Ask your IT person to run an SQL backup specifically for your rollover purpose – don’t rely on the backup done the night before. Do an internal backup yourself by logging into the module (Scholastic, Debtors) going to Utilities menu and selecting Backup.

For Recommended Backup Information visit:

 Attendance in Back Office
All schools should now be using the Attendance Flow in Spider rather than Back Office.

It is important that all users working with attendance familiarise themselves with the web interface prior to this changeover. If there are any aspects of attendance that are not catered for in Spider, please advise us immediately so we can ensure it is accommodated for. The attendance reports you use will need to be web published for Spider.

Help documentation for Spider is available at:

 End of Year Spider Release
A new Spider update is now available via our Downloads page: Visit the Spider Change log to see what the new Spider Update includes: Spider includes updates to the new Spider Bank Reconciliation – see article below.

 Spider Bank Reconciliation
The Bank Reconciliation tool in Spider is now available to all schools with the latest Spider Update above.

Instructions on the use of this tool can be found here:

We have tested the import and reconciliation process for several banks and their file formats (see list of those tested here: If your bank is not listed please send an email through to requesting this be tested and added to the list.

Freedom Model Conversion
PCSchool has completed well over 20 school’s data conversion to the Freedom Model through 2018 and has a further 15 schools booked in to be converted between 7th and 31th January 2019.

Information about the Freedom Model, including pre-checks on your data, is available on the help website at:

If your school is planning to have their data converted, there is a pricing schedule in your Draft 2019 Agreement which has been emailed to your school. Some schools are opting to have a Play Area converted to Spider first so they can check the conversion process and familiarise themselves with the new Student/Family controls in Spider. If you would like a quote for the cost of converting both your Main Workarea and/or a Play area please email

Please ensure you liaise with PCSchool to arrange your conversion date for 2019 (term break time is recommended). This process will take the best part of a day initially, with training and follow-up work required. There is no compulsion to have this completed for the start of the new year.

Kind regards,
PCSchool Team
P: 07 4939 5995 (Aust) / 09 974 9624 (NZ)
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