Student Records

Comprehensive records keep track of vital information including medical information and alerts, learning disabilities, ethnicity and language background, scholastic history and much more to ensure that “Duty of Care” is paramount and that Government returns such as MCEETYA (Australia) and MOE Roll Returns (New Zealand) are available and compliant.PC School has over 150 standard reports that draw information from the student records including attendance rolls, class reports with or without student images, age related reports, house lists etc.

Caregiver Information
Caters for split billing and split parenting. Post or emails student correspondence, assessment reports and school fee statement to up to five different addresses. Parents can review and update Student and Family profile information through the PCSchool ‘Spider’ Web interface.
Staff Records
Change immediately available to all users of the database.
Personal and Professional Development
Student and Staff.
Extra Curricular Activities
Monitor student activities and sporting achievements enabling list production and summation to produce certificates.
Enrolments – Alumi
Records flow seamlessly from intending enrolments, active students and into Alumni.
Travel Details
To and from school.
Security Guaranteed
PCSchool security ensures that your data is protected. Encryption of sensitive comments ensures they remain secure, no matter what.Audit trail any change to the database, who changed it, when, and what was the “before” and “after”