‘Spider’ Web


Simply Intuitive – Crisp, clean views with simple configuration using ‘Drag & Drop’ method.

Simply Easy – Limited staff training required to be fully effective in use Web Application.

Simply Powerful – Unlimited simultaneous users. Access from School and at Home.

Simply Fast – Direct SQL connection. Secure, Fast, Robust.

Teacher / Admin Portal
  • Powerful teacher timetable links to ‘By day/By period’ roll marking, class & subject report
  • Flexible result entry options
  • Student timetable search
  • School calendar
  • Purchase order entry with workflow
  • View student details / parent contact information
  • Document Manager with access to past payslips or year / subject related documents
  • Student behaviour & merits
  • Students medical incidents entry
  • Parent teacher interview bookings
  • Departmental budgets


Parent / Caregiver Portal
  • Review and update student / family information
  • Pay school fees and print accounts
  • Arrange parent / teacher interviews
  • Search student timetable or teacher timetable
  • Document manager with access to past Fee Statements & Student Reports
  • Student absence review
  • School calendar
  • Sign up for Newsletter and Updates
  • Review, update contact and career information
  • Share images, videos and more through document manager
  • Student timetable
  • Teacher timetable
  • Predictive subject result entry abilities
  • Make subject choices
  • Document manager with access to past assessment reports or year & subject related documents / forms
  • Absence review
  • School calendar

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