Support Contracts
Support is a compulsory component of PCSchool where the user pays a monthly fee. This entitles the user to unlimited telephone support and free upgrades to the software.
The Maintenance and Support contract guarantees that your software remains current, and that help is only a phone call away. Support via Facsimile, Email and Remote Access, is also available.
Support Services
PCSchool acknowledge that each school is unique, and to cater for those factors that set your school apart, the software enables you to be an individual, via –

Customisation of:

  • Crystal Reports
  • Curriculum Reports
  • Markbook Result Entry screens
Reports can be generated by Seagate Crystal Reports & other Windows ODBC reporting packages. (ODBC gives direct access to data via most Windows based software i.e. you are able to import data from PCSchool into Microsoft Word, Excel etc).
Help Desk
The PCSchool Help Desk is manned from 7 am to 5pm Australian EST, and from 9am to 7pm New Zealand time.