Updates & Downloads

Updates & Downloads

Data Structure (V2018)

Your Data should now be Version 2018. If it is not, please contact PCSchool Help Desk. An email has been sent to all schools with current contracts which contains the URL for the download as well as the instructions on how to complete it. To get the link resent, please email the PCSchool Help Desk – help@pcschool.net.

IMPORTANT This update is needed to get all the latest features of PCSchool.

View the Data Structure Changes included in this update.

Visit the PCSchool Software Development Blog for more information.

Version 2018 Followup


Download ONLY IF you are already running Version 2018. This will provide any new features/bug fixes for Version 2018.0 and above. These Followups should be downloaded at least once a month.

See Read me instructions inside the download before proceeding.


  • Curric.exe Date: 05/08/2019 v2018.0.0.523
  • Debtors.exe Date: 05/08/2019 v2018.0.0.332
  • Finance.exe Date 05/082019  v2018.0.0.251 (Contains 2019 – 20 Tax rates)
  • Timetable.exe Date 12/6/2019 v2018.0.0.74

Visit the PCSchool Software Development Blog for more information.

How to install the Followup

Spider – Current build is 2019.06.10.0617

The version will be shown on the initial login screen by hovering the mouse over the “Powered By PCSchool” wording on the bottom right of the login screen, or over the “My Portal” browser tab of the “Home” page.

Spider Update Instructions

Change Log

Updated Help Documentation

*** Enhanced Security implemented ***

This version of Spider requires .NET Framework 4.6 or greater and requires SQL Server 2012 or above.

If the login page does not initially show correctly, press CTRL-F5 to clear your browser’s cache.

To get the latest Spider, please use the PCSchool_Downloader. A newsletter with the download link should have been sent to your school. If you did not get the newsletter, please send an email to help@pcschool.net

PCSQ – 2019.05.02

For the latest version of PCSQ, please email help@pcschool.net

*** PCSQ 2019 is required by ALL New Zealand schools completing the MOE Return ***

PSCQ 2019 has been developed to resolve issues with some printing, emailing and Document Management tasks within Back Office. It should be installed on ALL client computers. It resolves the issue of having to break statement runs into batches, allowing the complete run of statements to be printed in a single selection.

To update PCSQ instructions

Please ensure you have read and understood how PCSQ works before downloading. It is critical that Back Office users understand how PCSQ operates. PCSQ instructions

Crystal Report Runtime v13.0.15.1840


Spider 2016 requires a newer version of the Crystal Runtime. Only update Crystal Runtime if you receive a warning when updating Spider.

Is is important to UNINSTALL the current version first before installing this version. The following link is for the 32 bit runtime which we recommend for most schools. In some circumstances, a 64 bit version may be necessary. If this is the case, please contact PCSchool Support.

Team Viewer


Remote Support Client

PCSchool Help


Check your local pcschool.ws file to see where it is looking for the file e.g. HelpPath=C: PCSLAUNCH PCSchool Help.

On your local computer in the above path add the downloaded file to this.

(This should be done on the server as well as the local computer)

Latest Standards File also includes latest Pathway File and University Entrance Approved Standards


NZ Schools (UpdatedMay 2019)