Admin Setup, Maintenance & Housekeeping

Setting up codes etc for use with Scholastics

Absence Reasons
How to add, edit, or remove absence codes from the absence reasons XML File.

Emergency Evacuation Report – GO Button
How to set up the report and the GO button – to be printed on an Emergency Evacuation Report

Global Change
How to change the key /unique field for a student, family, staff or idenity.

Maintenance Codes
A guide to codes used in PCSchool such as:

  • Form Class, House, Behaviours, Actions etc
  • How to add new codes and modify existing codes

Student or Family Removal
How to delete students or family from the database.

Student Age Calculation
Run a routine that will calculate student ages at a certain date (used for government census or sports carnivals).

Hot Keys & Short cut Keys
How to set up hot keys and shortcuts.

Year Level Descriptions
How to create new year levels or grouping of year levels (e.g. *J=Junior School, *S=Senior School).

Admin Year End Housekeeping
How to roll students into their:

  • Next year level
  • Update student year level next
  • Recalculate student absence / lates / merits

Propagate the Calendar

How to update your calendar with the new years school and public holidays for use in Absences and Timetable.

Timetable Period Desriptions

Create the periods used in the timetable for student absences (create periods for half day absence (AM & PM) or by subject period).