Absence & Roll Marking

Attendance – Full User Guide

Complete user guide including setup, processing, analysis and reports.

Absence Lates and Behaviour

Record students absence, late arrival, early departure, demerits and merits.

Absence Roll Marking

Mark student absences via:

  • Class rolls – either by Form Class (if not using Timetable)
  • Subject / Period (if using Timetable)

Roll Marking AM / PM
Setup and mark student absence through roll marking where timetable is not used.

Absence Roll Marking

Allows analysis of the rolls for the amount of days in the Timetable Cycle.

Absences & SMS to Parents

Daily Attendance Process

Recommended steps that should be incorporated into the schools daily attendance process.

Absence Roll Collection

Create lists based on roll marking for early notication to parents via SMS or email, notify staff if their roll has not been marked etc.

SMS Messaging

Send text messages to parents, students or staff through PCSchool. Includes use in Early Notification to parents for student absences.

Contact order for SMS Messaging – How to Setup

How to set the default contact order for sending SMS messages to caregivers e.g.

  • Mother /Domicile 1st
  • Father / Domicile 2nd
  • then Other 3rd

Trigger Setup for Unmarked Rolls & Email reminders

Allows for automatic email reminders of unmarked rolls to individual teachers throughout the day or attendance officer at the end of the day.

Student Behaviour & Notes

Allows quick and secure entry of student discipline, merits, general notes and special notes.

Quick Student Data Entry

Details on using feature for adding or modifying information including Student Absences

Administration Reports

Details on the different reports available in the Administration Module including Attendance and Behaviour Reports.