Student & Family Management

Student View User Guide

  • Enrolling a new student
  • Enter Family, caregivers relevant information into each tab – (caregivers, scholastic, medical etc).

Re-Enrolling a Student

Behaviour notes

Quick and secure entry of student discipline, merits, general notes and special notes.

Student Import CSV
How to import student / family information from a CSV File.  This can include anything from:

  • Contact / address information
  • Subject choices
  • Co-Curric
  • Personal Development
  • Activities and more.

Student Travel details

Keep track of how students travel to and from school (i.e. Bus numbers, parent car pool).

Student Transfer New Zealand only

How to process Student Record Transfers

Quick Student Data Entry

Modifying information in the:

  • Student file
  • Absences
  • Subjects
  • Co-Curriculum
  • Personal Development and more
  • Importing student photos


How to use Tagsets to create lists and report printing etc of:

  • Students
  • Families
  • Staff
  • Sending SMS Emails
  • Debtors billing
  • Allocating Subjects

Student Tagset

Family Tagset

Staff Tagset

Document Management

Digitally store and access Assessment Reports, School Fees Statements, Staff Payslips, Creditors Orders, emails, images and more – for Student, Family, Alumni, Staff and Creditors.

VDF Query User Guide

How to use the VDF Query Generator.

Student Origins

Extract Student ethnicity, language, nationality, previous school and country of birth information via VDF Query.

Staff View

  • Enter new Staff members
  • Update staff information
  • Print Staff reports

Administration Reports

Details on the different reports available.

More Reports

  • PDF
  • *.rpts
  • student retention rates report
  • Student /Family background information (ethnicity, language etc)
  • House / age related reports and more.

User Defined User Guide

To create user defined codes – allocate them to:

  • Students
  • Family
  • Staff
  • Print reports