How to Set up Creditors & Workflows (see
  • Creditors ManualFor a new staff member – how to do creditors from start to finish
Creditors Purchase Orders
  • Aged Creditors
  • Creditor Reconciliation
  • Master Records
  • Order Reports
  • Transactions Reports
  • History
  • Outstanding Creditors at a Past due

End of Month Procedures

At the end of each month the following should be completed to make sure the Creditors are balancing with the General Ledger:

  • Run an Aged Creditor Balance (see reports) – (this uses current data and can not be run back to a previous date)
  • Run a Creditors Reconciliation Report (see reports)
  • Changing Creditor Codes.
  • Deleting Finalised Transactions up to a selected Period.
  • Deleting Finalised Orders up to a Selected Period.
  • Deleting Tagged Creditors.
  • Receipting monies to Debtors
  • Creating invoice in Creditors
  • Paying Homestay Creditor


See Page 25 of the following manual how to set up for FileBound