Curriculum & Timetable

Setup; Subjects, Areas of Assessment & Housekeeping
  • Information on how to create subjects
  • Areas of assessment (outcomes)
  • Set up and allocate default areas of assessment for each subject
  • Create default achievement codes and result options
  • Create a comment bank
  • Create periode ID’s for each reporting / timetable period
Student Assessment & Result Entry
  • View information / instructions on how to create Markbooks
  • How to use Result Entry by Student, Teacher Group or Spreadsheet/Markbook
  • How to Shuffle /Delete Results or Comments
Student Subjects – Wizard -copying to new Period – Subject changes in Bulk etc
  • View information /instructions on using the Subject Wizard
  • Quick student Data Entry to allocate subjects to students
  • Make Subject Changes in Bulk
  • Copy subjects to new period
Student Timetable & Teacher Supervisions
  • View information / instructions on how to create a Simple Timetable within PCSchool
  • Enter a Timetable Manually
  • Import a Timetable into PCSchool
  • How to Generate Teacher Spares
  • Allocate Supervisions
  • Global replace a Teacher in Timetable