Setup, Maintenance & Housekeeping

Information on how to:

  • Create subjects
  • Areas of assesment (outcomes)
  • Setup and allocate default areas of assessment for each subject
  • Create default achievement codes and Result options
  • Create a comment bank
  • Create Period ID’s for each report / timetable period
A guide to add new codes and modify existing codes used within PCSchool:

  • Class codes (used in Subjects / Timetables)
  • House Codes etc
How to add new rooms / teaching areas for use in the timetable.
Update your calendar with the new years school term dates and public holidays for Timetable and Absence purposes.
Create timetable periods for use in the:

  • Timetable
  • Roll marking
  • Absence recording
Includes how to:

  • Clearing Supervisions
  • Erasing the Timetable / Fixed Lines / Latchings
  • Setting change to Abrevoatopms
  • Changing Subject Teachers
  • Checking for Teacher / Room clashes