Student Subjects

Student Subject Information
View and modify individual student subjects.

Student Wizard

  • View, allocate and modify student subjects in relation to the timetable
  • View class size, timetable fit etc
Automatic Subject Allocation / Modification
Quick Student Data Entry
Add, delete or adjust student subjects in bulk.

Globally Add Subjects to Students via Quick Student Data Entry

Global Subject Modification
Information of changing:

  • Teacher Placements
  • Updating Subject Key Areas
  • Classifications
  • Housekeeping routines

Copy Subject to New Period / Results to a New Period
How to copy student subjects and results from one subject period to another.

Allocate Student Subjects Current Year Level
Options available for allocating students their subjects for the new year
(After performing the Admin End of year Rollover).

Allocate Student subjects Year Level Next
Allocating student their subjects for next year
(Before performing the Admin End of Year Rollover).

Dream Catcher for New Zealand Schools
Assists New Zealand’s youth by giving them the tools to help them make informed decisions for their future in planning their career planning.