Timetable & Teacher Supervisions

Timetable Calendar Setup

  • Settings for System Entry (days/cycle and periods/day)
  • Timetable Phase Dates
  • School Term Dates & Public Holidays
  • Subject Parameters (min. class sizes etc)
Staff Supervisions – Generate Spares

  • Routine that checks how many and what periods teachers have spare each day.
  • New Relief Teacher you need to run this procedure to include them – DO NOT have ticks in the Reset fields.

Staff Supervisions – Modify Staff Availability

How to modify staff availability once you have generated the spares (e.g. coordinators may teach fewer classes and have several spares, however their additional duties mean that they are unavailable for supervisions).

Staff Supervisions – Full Instructions

How to generate spares, modify staff availability and allocate supervisions/cover and print reports.

Replacing a Teacher in Timetable – and global replace