Point of Sale (POS)

  • Activiating Point of Sale
  • Security Settings and how to set up a new shop etc
  • Create Stock Catergories
  • Create a New Stock Item
  • New Stock Location
  • Stock Levels
  • Stock changes
  • Consignment Stock


Retiring old stock items

  • Bring Student & Staff information in to Identity File
  • Setting up new Customers
  • Overview of Customer Tabs

How to process a Sales

  • On Account or Held deposits
  • Receipting after an end of Shift to a customer
  • Processing a sale with mixed payment method
  • Adjusting sale – discount, delivery, tax or profit
  • Changing a price during a sale
  • Suspend and Restore a Sale
  • Exchanging a Sale Item

Selling goods to Staff and paying via Payroll deduction

How to set up consignment stock, selling and paying the Seller
Goods returned to a Supplier    How to create a negative stock order and credit note
  • Parents have paid a deposit to be used in Uniform Shop etc
  • How to receipt, sell goods etc using the Held Deposit
How to set up reports used in Point of Sale.
Manual on how to do End of Month for Point of Sale.
Manual on how to do End of Year for Point of Sale.