Point of Sale (POS)

  • Activiating Point of Sale
  • Security Settings and how to set up a new shop etc
  • Create Stock Catergories
  • Create a New Stock Item
  • New Stock Location
  • Stock Levels
  • Stock changes
  • Consignment Stock
  • Stocktake

Retiring old stock items

  • Bring Student & Staff information in to Identity File
  • Setting up new Customers
  • Overview of Customer Tabs
How to process a Sales

  • On Account or Held deposits
  • Receipting after an end of Shift to a customer
  • Processing a sale with mixed payment method
  • Adjusting sale – discount, delivery, tax or profit
  • Changing a price during a sale
  • Suspend and Restore a Sale
  • Exchanging a Sale Item

Selling goods to Staff and paying via Payroll deduction

How to set up consignment stock, selling and paying the Selle
Goods returned to a Supplier

How to create a negative stock order and credit note

Goods sold and paying off – Layby

  • Parents have paid a deposit to be used in Uniform Shop etc
  • How to receipt, sell goods etc using the Held Deposit
How to set up reports used in Point of Sale.