Absence Review
Review and modify class absences by date range

Behaviour Notes
Discipline, Merit , General Notes, Special Notes

Behaviour Workflows in Spider

Family Profile Update
Mainly used by Office Staff in multi-campus schools to enter new students

 Incident Tracker

My Class & report

Online Order Entry in Spider
Teachers create and submit orders electronically

Interview Booking User Guide

Parent Teacher Interview Booking
Manage their availability and bookings for interviews with Parents

Student Guidance User Guide
How to use the Student Guidance Control in Spider for Guidance Officers

Student Medical Incidents
Mainly used by School nurse/sick bay for recording accidents, illnesses or administering of medication

Student Subject Wizard User Guide

Teacher Portal Result Entry Control
Teachers select individual class /subject,  Enter student assessment result via a formated xml

Teacher Subject & Assessment Criteria

Teacher Timetable Control
Mark your class rolls,   Print class reports, Print Individual student report from this control

 Markbook Version 1 )Suspeded by Version 2)

  • Teachers can select individual class / subject
  • Enter student assessment reults via a spreadsheet format (columns and rows)

 Collating Markbook

  • Subject / Year co-ordinators can select subject by year level group
  • review or enter student assessment results via spreadsheet format (colums and rows)

 Markbook Managers is for Deans & Subject Co-ordinators

 Markbook for Subject Teachers

Markbooks Version 2 with Formulas User Guide

Calendar Controls
View calendar and, if permission allows, add personal events