PCSchool –  SQL ONLY


  Creating a New Workspace

  Editing a Workspace File

How to edit the workspace so you can:

  • Email
  • Network
  • Pathways etc

  System File User Guide

When setting up PCSchool the System file holds all the default information:

  • Address for your School
  • ABN Number
  • School number
  • Financial
  • Assessment
  • Document Manager path
  • And more

  Maintenance Codes User Guide

How to use setup codes used for:

  • Bank
  • Class codes
  • Behaviours
  • Actions etc

  Report Alias Settings User Guide

How to set up a new report in Report Alias Settings

  Keys and Security View

Tracking keys and or secruity codes and items issued to staff and students

  Audit Log User Guide

A guide to tracking changes made within PCSchool such as deleted receipts, subject changes, address changes etc

  Absence Reasons

A guide to modifying the Absence Reasons XML

  Stand Alone Install

Instructions for creating a stand alone copy of PCSchool on a laptop which is not connected to your server