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ASBA Conference Newsletter


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25th – 27th September 2017

ASBA Conference Newsletter

It’s Time To Review You Financial Management Software?
Attendance at the ASBA conference next week offers you the opportunity to spend 20 minutes to review the performance of your Financial Management Software with the “Best of Breed” solution that is PCSchool. We recommend you visiting stands 8 & 9 if you are looking for the:

  • Best Supported School Management Financial package
  • Best Value for Money School Management Financial package
  • Best Online Financial Reporting School Management package
  • Online access to live Departmental Budgets including Transactional Drilldown
  • Online web based ordering including Budget Review and Workflows
  • Best Debtor Management through seamless integration with FACTS Management
  • Partnering with FileBound for workflow processing of creditor invoices

Our Support
PCSchool support has been voted as “Excellent” by over 85% of our users (inhouse survey) and is the market leader as judged by independent surveys. If you don’t get your questions answered in less than a hour then it’s time you considered PCSchool. Support is one of our major “points of difference”.

Best Value for Money
PCSchool offers the best value for money School Management System of all the major vendors. We offer generous small school discounts and during ASBA will be willing to discuss special one-off pricing if moving from one of the other major vendors to PCSchool. Changing to a better solution will not result in a financial imposition for your school.

Best Financial Reporting Engine
PCSchool is the only School Software Management package to offer the capacity to produce monthly board reports and end of year financials that combine text with live financial reports including Cash Flow, historical and forecast, P & L, balance sheet etc. Incorporate these with live comparison to benchmark KPI’s, student numbers including forecasting, and access to debtor and creditor information. The reporting wizard engine also incorporates embedded Notes which in turn have the capacity to automatically run sub-reports to explain the note. This control is definitely “Best of Breed” and guarantees totally accurate, flexible financials produced in seconds.

Data such as Benchmark KPI, Watch accounts inc variances and cash position can be displayed in our live web portal dashboards.

All these reports are produced on demand in less than 30 seconds. See a demonstration at our stand. Watch Video

Live Departmental Budgets
Heads of Department have web portal access to review departmental expenditure, including pending orders, and to assess departmental budget usage including live drill down to transactions.

Online Web Based Ordering
Orders are placed online, based on departmental budgets and predefined workflows through which the new order will be passed for approval subject to an internal set of rules based on the department and total value of the order.  See more information

Partnering with FACTS Management for Superb Debt Collection
PCSchool has partnered with FACTS to be the only School Management System to bring a seamless integration with this state of the art debtor management software solution. Debt collection no problem!  Read a case study   or  View a Press Release.

Partnering with FileBound
FileBound delivers document and workflow automation applications that improve the operation of any organisation by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

PCSchool customers can use FileBound to automatically extract invoice data (significantly reducing data entry), route creditor invoices through a custom approval process and deposit the approved invoice data directly into PCSchool. This is done using the PCSchool FileBound Module and requires no human intervention. See more information and video

Kind regards,
PCSchool Team
P: 07 4939 5995 (Aust) / 09 974 9624 (NZ) Fax: 07 4939 3315
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