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Introducing our Virtual SMS Manager


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16th May 2017

Boost your Use of PCSchool

Introducing our Virtual SMS Manager – Karen Willison

Click here to view Introduction Video

PCSchool is very excited to announce the availability of Karen Willison, one of our most progressive users to act as a virtual manager for your PCSchool software within your school.

Karen brings a wealth of experience to your school being able to offer the following services:

  • Monitor overall performance of PCSchool
  • Performing a ‘Health Check’ on your system
  • Advise on modules that may enhance your schools implementation of PCSchool
  • Setup and manage modules such as:
    • eForms – prepare eForms to suit your specifications
    • Resource Booking – set up resources and manage implementation
    • Parent Teacher Interviews – set up and publish interviews
    • Assessment tracking and reporting including Markbooks – assist with propagation of subjects and areas of assessment
    • Payment Portals – assist in the set up and implementation
    • End of Year Processes – perform on schools behalf
    • Monitor Backups – ensure processes are robust and timely
    • Act as a Resource to Administration, Teachers and IT
    • Prepare specific In House documentation – training for teachers
    • Subject Selection and Timetable – set up and implementation of student online subject selection and assistance in building timetables from the collected data.

Karen is available for a minimum booking of 2 hours. Though ideally we envision schools getting the most from her by booking Karen on a regular basis of 1/2 day (4 hours) per month. As such Karen can act as an integral resource to your school offering advice and guidance and actually taking over the role of some of your management functions as they apply to PCSchool. Karen’s services will be provided via remote access to your school systems.

PCSchool believes that Karen will be a most valuable asset to all schools, reducing the in house requirement to have local IT staff fully conversant with PCSchool and to provide a guiding light to ensure your investment in PcSchool is maximised.

  • Indicative pricing (Australian Dollars):
    • 2 hours @ $250+GST
    • 4 hours (half day) @ $400+GST (or a single Platinum Training day for 2 half days)
    • Full day @ $750+GST (or a single Platinum Training Day)

For enquiries regarding how Karen can help you get the best out of PCSchool email

PCSchool Administration, Curriculum and IT Conference – “See It – Use It”
The PCSchool Conference provides a three day opportunity for users to network and share experiences and ideas with users from other schools and for co-workers to discuss current issues and future goals in regards to PCSchool at their school.

What you see is what you get at this years conference! 

  • The Freedom Model is ready to be released, come and find out how to implement it at your school.
  • Attendance Flow is now fully web based: from teachers marking class rolls and entering absences in called through by parents – chasing up unmarked rolls and contacting parents via SMS or email to advise of unexplained absences – then reviewing an analysing attendance data.. it can now all be done via the Spider.
  • General and Custom Curriculum Programs – a new control allowing teachers to customise the curriculum plan for their class or individual students. Create modified programs for students with special requirements, assign tasks to academic outcomes. Allows for result entry and commentary by teachers through the semester, viewable live by caregivers with option to respond to teacher comments.
  • eForms – see the advances in eforms including the new shopping cart feature integrated with our  payment portal, ability to attach files (medical certificates from parents, leave forms from teachers), use as an online enrolment form (collecting both required documents and enrolment deposit) and our new eform template library.

All this and SO MUCH MORE will be showcased at this years conference. Those in attendance will be given the tools to enable your school to run more efficiently. PCSchool can assure you that your school will be well rewarded by your attendance at this conference. The net gains through improved efficiencies  as a direct result of your attendance will render the cost of attendance a small percentage of gains achieved.

WHEN:  Conference Days are 2nd & 3rd August with 4th August as Training Day

WHERE:   Mantra Legends Hotel on the Gold Coast

View the Conference Program

View the Conference Booking Form (each delegate to complete / submit page 2)

View the Accommodation Booking Form 

Kind regards,
PCSchool Team
P: 07 4939 5995 (Aust) / 09 974 9624 (NZ) Fax: 07 4939 3315
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