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Update Press Release – Important Changes to Spider Version 2018.05.18 or greater


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18th May 2017


Important Changes to Spider release Version 2017.05.18 or greater


Absence Review Changes

The team have made significant changes to enhance the speed and responsiveness on the Absence Review Control. While these changes have resulted in very significant speed improvements they have required minor changes to the teacher interface Read More – we recommend you forward this document to relevant teaching staff.


Absence Roll Marking Changes

In Absence Roll marking we have made changes to enhance the speed and responsiveness of this control. For some time this control has had an Alert Indicator that when clicked displayed the alerts associated with the specific student. The change to this interface has been to return this control to a Mouse Over, ie as the mouse is hovered over the alert bars then the message will display. This move was implemented as the “Click” mechanism prevented us from implementing the internal calls to optimise this control.

Where schools do not wish this mouse over Tool Tip behaviour it can be turned off in the Roll Marking Control through a Configuration setting. See more .  In controls such as MyClasses and Timetable Class View the mouse over behaviour is retained and cannot be disabled ensuring that this information is made available to staff.


Non-Timetabled / Study Period Changes

We have made a change to the recording of absence that may impact NSW schools. When an absence is created the system will identify any non-timetabled study periods with the code specified (“F” in NSW, and likely “*” in all other jurisdictions). This has been standard practice for all of 2017. In the background we have been scanning absent records identifying those records that have been created that are in fact “present” records in that all periods contain either “P”resent code, No Code or “F”/”*” non-timetabled period. When such a record was identified it was removed from the absent table.

The issue arose that in NSW the code “F” is used to identify these non-timetabled study periods and also to indicate where students take time off school for official Study leave. Were this to be implemented, our background procedures would automatically delete absences made up entirely of this non-timetabled code ie “F” which would remove this required record. We have created a work around so that this deletion routine will only delete those absent records meeting the above present criteria where there has been no absent reason recorded. (Spider Ver 2017.05.18)

Important for NSW schools: To this end when assigning the “F” for official Exam/Study leave eg through Quick Student Data Entry be sure to assign a reason comment eg Study Leave, to ensure this record remains in the database.  We will look in the future at a more definitive solution in that we will write an “*” to the database for all in-day non-timetabled periods  however in all displays and reports will translate this as the required “F”. This will give the program clear definition as to the meaning of this code. These future changes will not take effect until 2018.

Visit the PCSchool Website to download the latest Spider

IMPORTANT: Spider .Net Framework Update
With the increasing demands from schools to integrate their logins with third party vendors, such as Microsoft’s Azure service, as well allowing PCSchool software to benefit from new technologies, Spider will be moving to .Net Framework 4.6 with Spider versions released from July 2017. It is critical to check that your Spider server is compatible with this Framework. A list of compatible Operating Systems is available at:

If required, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (Offline Installer) is available here:

 Keep Up-To-Date with Recent Changes
 To keep abreast of recent changes to the Spider, Back Office and new documentation be sure to visit:

Helpful Links for Teachers
Other useful links to documents and videos that should be forwarded to teachers or demonstrated at your next staff meeting are the capabilities of the:

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