Payroll User Guide – (Complete User Manual – covering all Payroll)

When you first start using PCSchool you need to follow this User Guide to set up the following:

  • Payroll Control Files
  • Pay Codes :
    • setting up Pay Type, Pay Summary, Criteria,
    • Accrual Tables – accrual of holidays, sick (full and half days), carers’, special leave and long service leave entitlements. Once established, these tables can be laid through any number of employees’ records who have the same entitlements. There is an automatic alert and increment from one Accrual Table to another Accrual Table if required. Award modifications can be changed in the Accrual Table and will automatically flow through to all employees who have that Accrual Table attached.
    • Pay Tables
  • Bank Control
  • Super Providers and Creating Superstream
  • Tax Scales
  • Creating a new Employee
  • Payroll Workflows
  • Generating the Payroll – using Timesheets, Leave Loading & Re-calculating tax
  • RDO (Rostered days off)
  • Paying Allowances
  • Deductions to Family Accounts
  • Payroll Generation, excuting etc
  • PAYG Reconciliation and Paying your PAYG
  • Superannuation Reconciliation – Aus & NZ
  • Payroll End of Month – Aus & NZ
  • Backup Payroll files
A guide to setting up your employees before you can set them up in Payroll.
  • Validation reports
  • Group Certificates (AU)
  • IRD Files (NZ)
  • Transaction reports

As of the 30 June 2015 for employers with 20 or more employees, and as of 30 June 2016 for employers with 19 or less employees, Australian employers must make super contributions on behalf of their employees by submitting data and payments electronically in a consistent and simplified manner. As a part of this reform further employer and employee information is to be provided to clearing houses and superannuation providers.

Previous way of doing Superannuation:

Payroll Giving has been introduced so that an employee can be granted an immediate tax credit for their donation(s) to a donee organisation (listed on the Inland Revenue’s Done List).The tax credits for payroll donations are used to reduce the amount of PAYE paid by the employee.

Payroll Giving is voluntary for both employers and employees.

Please see for information on end of year processing.
  • Termination of an Employee
  • Updating Tax Scales
  • Payroll Variation Report
  • Deductions and Paying a Charity or Child Support when processing payroll